The most moving, unexpected love story of the year is an obscure, challenging film from Germany about the unlikely romance between two women, a librarian and an Alaskan pipeline worker. (Hal Hinson, THE WASHINGTON POST, August 1991)


Lyrics by k.d. lang and Bob Telson

When the sun goes down here

And darkness falls

The blanket of winter

Leaves no light at all.

You search for shelter

To calm the storm

Shaking with an instinctwp9a6ef89a.jpg

Just to stay warm


I’d walk through the snow barefoot

If you’d open up your door.

You hear the howling

Of dogs and wind

Stirring up secrets

That are frozen within.

The ice will haunt you.

It lays so deepwpaedb1e08.jpg

Locking inside you

The dreams that you keep.


I’d walk through the snow barefoot

If you’d open up your door.

Percy Adlon has once again created an offbeat story of unlikely characters coming together in even more unlikely locales. In this collaborative effort with Percy Adlon, k.d. lang has written and performed a new song - the final winning element to what already is one of the most eagerly anticipated film events of the year. (Mill Valley Film Festival, Oct./91)

Like BAGDAD CAFE, SALMONBERRIES reveals Adlon’s extraordinary skill at evoking a rare palate of colour, emotion and atmosphere. k.d.lang plays Kotzebue, an androgynous half-Inuit, half-white young foundling who blossoms through a remarkable friendship. Abandoned by her parents as an infant, she has grown up as forlorn as the town she lives in, an icy place in northwestern Alaska also called Kotzebue. The town librarian is an East German refugee named Roswitha, who, like Kotzebue, prefers the loneliness of her own company to the frightening uncertainty of human relationships. Unexpectedly, the two grow close. Perhaps they can help one another on their quests; for Kotzebue, to find the parents she never knew; for Roswitha, to find the husband she was forced to leave behind. What happens to them is as quirky, unpredictable and captivating as love itself... (Vancouver Film Festival, Oct./91)

Percy Adlon fashions a loving story of triumph over a harsh environment and unrelenting loneliness. SALMONBERRIES won best film at the Montreal Film Festival. (14th Denver Film Festival, October 1991)