Younger & Younger

“...served up by actors in their top form." (VARIETY)


                              YOUNGER & YOUNGER (1993)

A film by Percy Adlon

Donald Sutherland..............Jonathan Younger

Brendan Fraser..................Winston Younger

Lolita Davidovich.................Penny Younger

Sally Kellerman..................Zigzag Lilian

Julie Delpy.........................Melodie

Linda Hunt.........................Frances

Jonathan Younger (Donald Sutherland) is like a bird of paradise, showing off in front of his women customers. His white suit takes on the neon colors of his self storage facility in order to attract his prey, the way some animals attract insects.

He is a very charming man. He also lives in a dream world where work is something that never applies to him. Consequently, the moderate success of the Younger Self Storage company he owns is entirely down to his efficient but neglected wife, Penny (Lolita Davidovich). Penny’s main concern are the women customers, who are regularly “entertained” by her husband in the room above the office. It is here that Jonathan keeps his prize possession, a grand old Wurlitzer organ - a seduction technique which rarely fails to impress. After a fight with Penny, Jonathan whisks a very shapely old friend of Penny’s upstairs for a love making session. Witnessing his infidelity in the office monitor is too much for his wife, and she dies of a heart attack. When their son Winston (Brendan Fraser) returns from school in England to join the company, he is quick to realize that his inexperience and his fathers disinterest will ruin them. Winston’s concern really takes hold when it becomes obvious that his despondent father is beginning to have visions of his dead wife. He can hear her, he can see her, but he can’t touch her and each time she appears she grows more and more beautiful and younger and younger and Jonathan slowly but surely, falls in love with her all over again.wp805984d5.jpg

Written by Percy and Felix Adlon

Director of Photography - Bernd Heinl

Editor - Suzanne Fenn

Production Designer - Steven Legler

Music by Hans Zimmer

Theme Song by Bob Telson & Lee Breuer

Line Producer - Beverly Graf

TV producer – Dietrich von Watzdorf

Produced by Eleonore and Percy Adlon

A pelemele / Leora / Duckster Production with BR

Filmed on 35mm Kodak in Glendale, California, September 23 - November 13, 1992

Premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival , in competition.wp839eb6c0.jpg


SPECIAL PRIZE of the Jury in Brussels,

1994 BEST ACTRESS, Lolita Davidovitch

IFF Tokyo, 1993

In English, 97 min

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